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Gathered Logs


In this Web site we might collect Private Logs Spontaneously when a Client uses our Web Interface; The Private Logs also might be freely delivered by the Client.

The Logs refers to: usage Logs, Cookies, various types of Logs.

Other Private Logs could be detailed in this privacy.


Usage of the Logs


Any Private Logs gathered by this Web site or by any third party services used in our Web site is used unless specified otherwise, to recognize users, improve our services, protect our services or to provide the services, and it might be impossible for our Web site to provide the service as described if we fail to collect certain Private Logs.

We keep the Logs gathered for the required time to provide the service demanded by the User.


Alterations to this privacy policy


The Web site regulators reserve the right to alter this privacy when needed. It is your duty to check often this privacy to be informed with most recent privacy and if a User objects to any of the changes to the Policy, the Customer required to stop using this Web site and can demand the deletion of their Private Logs.


How and where we treat the Logs




The Administrators treats the Logs of our Clients and users in an appropriate way and will take proper security procedures to avoid illegal access, leak, alteration, or illicit damage of the Logs.


In some situations, the Logs could be available to certain people in charge, involved with the process of the Web site ; among other we can site; sales, administration, legal, marketing, system administration,…) or also to third parties service suppliers among others we site; hosting sources, IT corporations, communications agencies).




The Logs treating is performed using information technology tools, using organizational actions linked to its selected dedications in United States of America



Detailed information


Handling Payments

Payment handling services allow this Web site to process payments by credit cards or other resources. To warrant better safety, this website shares only the required info to perform the deal with the monetary mediators that conduct the deal.

Payments Using Credit cards

If you choose to pay your service purchase using a credit card, then we store your credit card information. Your Credit Card information is encoded using the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), so your card information is NOT in any way accessible by third parties. Your Credit card information is stored and used only during the transaction.


Our Credit card payment system obey to the standards established by PCI-DSS as managed by the PCI Security Standards Board, which is a combined work of trademarks like MasterCard , Visa, American Express, JCB…


PCI-DSS necessities assistance ensures the safe treatment of credit card data by our Website and its service suppliers.


Communicating with the Clients

Contact us form

By using the contact us form, the Clients allows this Web site to use these information to answer the requested materials, prices or any kind of demand.

Zopim (Zopim Technologies Pte Ltd)


Zopim is live chat software that allows website administrators to interact in real time with their website users or consumers.

Private Logs Gathered: Various types of data.

Privacy Policy


Geek Service Request Form


To use the Geek Service Request form the client needs to fill out a form provided by Veer West LLC and the client needs to provide various type of data and cookies.

Please read Veer West LLC Privacy policy.


Remote Computer Access


ShowMyPc ( LLC)

Our Services relies on remote software provided by ShowMyPc in order to access remotely to our clients computers.

ShowMyPc Software gives us the ability to do several tasks including but not limited to:

  • Access our client’s computers from anywhere.
  • Reboot our client’s computers remotely.
  • Check our client’s computers problems and resolve them remotely.


Logs gathered: Usage data.

Terms of use


LabTech (LabTech Software)


Our service relies on remote management software provided by Labtech Software in order to manage our client’s computers when needed remotely, either to provide technical help or to do personal check.

Logs Gathered: Usage data.

Privacy Policy