Home Computer Upgrades

Overdue For An Upgrade?


So you want to upgrade your computer like Beyonce?  Well you’ve come to the right place!  Half Price Geeks has been happily upgrading PC and Apple Computers for the last 16 years!  Our geeks will come to your home or office and upgrade your computer.  Our geeks can help you with home computer upgrades, slow sluggish PC / Macs, data recovery, or the dreaded spinning wheel of death.  A memory upgrade is one of the most inexpensive things you can do to speed up the performance of your computer.  Ask about solid state hard drive upgrade options.


What We Can Do:

Before you run to the store to replace your system give us a call!  Many times we can upgrade or replace broken components and make your computer good as new. 

New Setups

Now that you’ve purchased a new computer or printer don’t let it sit in the box all year!  Our experts will come out and setup your new computer, printer, tablet, or phone.

Don’t Have an IT Department?  Well guess what! You do now! Our team is experienced with handling multiple office locations, new office setups or moves, restaurant chains, satellite offices and corporate servers.  Half Price Geeks is an extension of your IT department!  Keep your IT costs down and prevent problems BEFORE they happen! Our team uses the latest managed services technology to provide the best local business IT support for your organization. 

Don’t Touch your computer! Our certified mobile computer repair techs will come to your home or office and fix your PC for you! If you can get on the internet then remote computer repair would be an option for you also.  Need data recovery?  Our data recovery experts can help recover your precious data and provide you with a custom data backup solution.

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“I use to get so stressed when my computer would act up.  Now that I’ve found Half Price Geeks I don’t worry about my computer anymore!”