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Using the latest cutting edge technology we’re able to prevent computer problems before they happen!  Our tools are able to keep your computer up to date and remove viruses before they take over your computer. 

How Does This Work?

After you sign up for our monthly or yearly home support service plans you’ll get a link to install an application on your computer.  Your computer will check in with our server every 20 minutes and give a system health report.  If somethings out of the norm our server gives your computer instructions to fix itself.  You will receive weekly logs as to exactly whats issues were prevented. 

Your computer is safe and secure, more so than it probably is right now.  Our software protects your computer from viruses and secures your computer with a firewall.  Our agents at Half Price Geeks don’t access your computer unless you allow them to via a remote session. 

Our software keeps your computer running at its optimal performance.  Say bye-bye to your computer problems.   

Remote Computers Repaired
Positive Feedback
70 %
Average Repair Time
2 /Hrs

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“I use to get so stressed when my computer would act up.  Now that I’ve found Half Price Geeks I don’t worry about my computer anymore!”