How Not to Get Your Facebook Page Hacked.

Cracked-Facebook-LogoTech Tips – How Not to Get Your Facebook Page Hacked.

Stay Hacker Free!
Facebook is one of the coolest sites ever!
I’ve reconnected with so many friends and family members
from elementary school to college.
Enjoy Facebook just be aware of the dangers that lurk.
Hackers love people like you!Change your Password!I know, you’ve probably used the same password since junior high.
Hackers love people like you, when you don’t change your password you make it easy for them to steal it.Get in the habit of changing your password at least every 3 months.
There are programs out there that hackers can run to crack your password, so please when creating a password use something that can’t be found in a dictionary and has nothing to do with your profile.Don’t use abc123, password, yourname or petsname.DO use a password that’s at least 8 characters and contains upper and lowercase letters and numbers.Calm down! I know what you’re thinking, what can you come up with that’s easy to remember?
Try using:
zeros instead of O’s
! instead of l or I
3 instead of E
$ instead of SDon’t forget about the %, &, #, and @ keys!So lets revisit our previous password examples and make them more secure.Old                  Encrypted
Abc123            AbC12E
password         Pa$$w0rd
password         P@ssw0rd
johndoe            J0hnD03    
Be a Friend!

Friends don’t let friends get hacked.

If you notice that your friend has a weird message on their profile that doesn’t sound like them. Call them and ask them if they posted the message.
Usually when a page is hacked the hacker has changed the password so your friend will be unable to see your email if you message them.

Don’t be so fast to click on a link!

If  a friend sends me a link that says “click here” I usually reply to the friend asking what the link is.
If you see weird post or messages from friends asking you to click on a link to view a pic don’t do it! That’s what the Profile pics and Albums are for.

Don’t be Fooled!

Hacker’s have gotten really good at creating emails that look legit.
If you get an email from Facebook or your Bank do not click on the link and login with your information.  This is called Phising, a hacker is attempting to steal your login information.  I never login to any of my accounts from email.  If I get an email from Facebook I open my browser and go to and login to see what the issue is.


Stranded Friends
Ok, I’m sure we’ve all gotten messages stating that a friend is stranded and needs money to get back home.  Don’t do it! Your friends account has been hacked and a hacker is trying to scam the friends for money.  If you’re really stranded would you send a message on Facebook or pick up the phone and call for help? Enough said!
Call your friend and let them know that their page has been hacked.

Your friend should then change their password to something more secure and contact facebook to report the problem.  If your account was compromised I would also suggest scanning the computer for infections, many viruses are now using Facebook accounts to send spam.

If your computer has been infected and you need help removing an infection, download the 30 day trial version of AVG or ESET NOD32 and perform a complete system scan. If you need additional help please visit us at or call us 877-77-GEEKS (43357). 

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I hope this helps some of you out there!

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