Remove Advanced Mac Cleaner Virus / Malware Infection (2018 Update) | Get IT OFF!

Remove Advanced Mac Cleaner “Virus” June 2018 Update

Ok, as a Mac owner I’m sure you’re still scratching your head wondering how did I end up here?

Relax, it’s not the end of the world, the Advanced Mac Cleaner infection can be removed, however it can be a bit difficult to remove.

What in the heck is Advanced Mac Cleaner???!

Advanced Mac Cleaner is a fake application that tricks you into thinking your computer has millions of issues and it prompts you to call for technical support that you really didn’t need.  You may also notice that your web browser is being redirected to misc. sites. 

I Can Fix This Myself!

Be Cautious!  I’m sure many of you have already tried your hand at getting this infection off your Mac.  Not as easy as you initially thought is it?  After performing a google search, I see that most of the sites out there are infecting your computer with more malware!  Think twice before going to a site that ask you to download a program to remove an infection, especially if its not a program that you’re familiar with.


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Call Us or Schedule Online!

If you’re able to get to our website then we can help you remove this infection remotely!  Otherwise we can dispatch a tech. to come out to your home or office.  Our Flat Mac Virus/Malware removal rate is $159.00 (up to 3 hours)