T-Mobile’s New IPv6 Update Causes Havoc For Internet Devices

T-Mobile recently updated their network to IPv6 only.  The recent update has app developers and companies scrambling to update their devices and applications to work with the new IPv6 addresses.  Most carriers are currently pushing both IPv4 and IPv6 networks to alleviate network issues.  Android users have the option of using IPv4 settings over IPv6.  I know you’re like what heck is IPv4 and IPv6?!

Ok, so we’re running out of IP addresses for devices.  Just think of an IP address as a house address, we’ll we’ve reached the point to where there are no more addresses to give out.  IPv6 uses much longer 128-bit IP addresses.

A typical Ipv6  Address looks like this:

Well an IPv6 address would look like this:


You probably never noticed all of this because this works in the background.
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